A study of the radiative transition $\pi \pi \to \pi \gamma^{*}$ with lattice QCD

  title={A study of the radiative transition \$\pi \pi \to \pi \gamma^\{*\}\$ with lattice QCD},
  author={L. Leskovec and C. Alexandrou and G. Koutsou and S. Meinel and J. Negele and S. Paul and M. Petschlies and A. Pochinsky and G. Rend{\'o}n and S. Syritsyn},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Physics - Lattice},
Lattice QCD calculations of radiative transitions between hadrons have in the past been limited to processes of hadrons stable under the strong interaction. Recently developed methods for $1\to2$ transition matrix elements in a finite volume now enable the determination of radiative decay rates of strongly unstable particles. Our lattice QCD study focuses on the process $\pi \pi \to \pi \gamma^{*}$, where the $\rho$ meson is present as an enhancement in the cross-section. We use $2+1$ flavors… Expand

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