A study of the immediate cutaneous response. Influencing factors.

  title={A study of the immediate cutaneous response. Influencing factors.},
  author={F Moreno Ben{\'i}tez and J Mill{\'a}n Nnez-Cort{\'e}s and C Garc{\'i}a Vadillo and P Lobat{\'o}n S{\'a}nchez de Medina},
  journal={Allergologia et immunopathologia},
  volume={21 2},
Precision in the calculation of the size of the wheal caused by the cutaneous response is faced with the problem derived from the variability of such response. The possibility of creating dose-response curves and posterior regression line, allow a comparison of these lines by means of an analysis of covariance. With this method we have analysed different factors which may influence this response. With a sample of 138 healthy subjects we have shown that factors such as: age, sex and time the… CONTINUE READING

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