A study of the control of glycolate excretion in chlorella.

  title={A study of the control of glycolate excretion in chlorella.},
  author={Brian Colman and Anthony G. Miller and Bernard Grodzinski},
  journal={Plant physiology},
  volume={53 3},
Chlorella pyrenoidosa cells grown on 5% CO(2) excreted glycolate when incubated in light with 10 mm bicarbonate, but excreted no glycolate under the same conditions when they were maintained on air for 7 hours prior to the assay. Incubation of 5% CO(2)-grown and air-grown cells with 10 mm isonicotinyl hydrazide or 10 mm alpha-hydroxypyridinemethane sulfonate during the assay stimulated the excretion of glycolate by CO(2)-grown cells severalfold that of air-grown cells.Adaptation of CO(2)-grown… CONTINUE READING