A study of the Czernik 2 and NGC 7654 open clusters using CCD UBV photometric and Gaia EDR3 data

  title={A study of the Czernik 2 and NGC 7654 open clusters using CCD UBV photometric and Gaia EDR3 data},
  author={Bilal Akbulut and Serap Ak and T.Yontan and Selçuk Bilir and Tansel Ak and Timothy S. Banks and E. Kaan Ulgen and Ernst Paunzen},
  journal={Astrophysics and Space Science},
We analysed the open clusters Czernik 2 and NGC 7654 using CCD UBV photometric and Gaia 

A Photometric and Astrometric Study of the Open Clusters NGC 1664 and NGC 6939

This study calculated astrophysical parameters, as well as kinematic and galactic orbital parameters, of the open clusters NGC 1664 and NGC 6939. The work is based on CCD ultraviolet, blue, and




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The fundamental parameters of 60 previously unstudied open clusters of Czernik, Dol-Dzim, Kronberger, and Turner were derived with color-magnitude diagrams of JHKs Near-IR 2MASS photometry. These