A study of subharmonic injection locking for local oscillators

  title={A study of subharmonic injection locking for local oscillators},
  author={Xiangdong Zhang and Xingling Zhou and B. Aliener and A. S. Daryoush},
  journal={IEEE Microwave and Guided Wave Letters},
The analysis of a subharmonic injection locked local oscillator introduced here is based on a general nonlinear input-output model for the subharmonic synchronized oscillator. The results show the nth-order subharmonic injection locking oscillator is locked primarily by the nth harmonic output of an injected signal that is generated by the current-voltage nonlinearity of the active device. The measurement of subharmonic injection locking range, at factors of 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4, of a MESFET DRO… CONTINUE READING
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