A study of nonepileptic seizures in an Indian population.

  title={A study of nonepileptic seizures in an Indian population.},
  author={Jayam P Lazarus and Manvir Bhatia and G Shukla and Madakasira Vasantha Padma and Manjari Tripathi and Amit Kumar Shrivastava and Mamta Bhushan Singh and Rajesh Sagar and Satish Jain},
  journal={Epilepsy & behavior : E&B},
  volume={4 5},
OBJECTIVE The goal of this study was to evaluate the background and the clinical profile of nonepileptic seizures (NESs) confirmed by short-term video encephalography (ST-VEEG) recording in an Indian population. METHODS Seventy-one patients with NESs were enrolled. A complete history was taken and the recorded event was reviewed to define the ictal events. Patients were divided into two groups, Group 1 with a paucity of movements and Group 2 with an excess of movement, and results were… CONTINUE READING