A study of influence of word lip reading by change of frame rate


This paper discusses the influence of the word lip reading by change of the frame rate. The proposed method applies active appearance model to extract the face and several lip regions. Then, our method calculates trajectory feature and applies DP matching. We set the target words as the Japanese 25 words, and took 250 utterance scenes per a speaker from ten Japanese men. Though many of researchers on the lip reading using the utterance scene of 30fps, we took the utterance scene by 60fps. We changed the utterance scene of 60 fps to the 11 kinds of pseudo utterance scenes. Using 12 kinds of frame rates, we carried out the recognition experiments with various combinations of the difference frame rate of the learning and recognition data, and evaluated the influence of the recognition accuracy. As a result, it was found that the frame rate of the recognition data is more sensitive than that of the learning data.

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