[A study of immunocompetence of peptide hormones in human pericardium].

  • Shu Jun Wen
  • Published 1992 in Zhonghua xin xue guan bing za zhi


With RIA/HPLC and immunohistochemistry, the presence of angiotensin(A) and atrial natriuretic factor-like materials (ANF-LMs) was demonstrated in the pericardium of human and rats; the distributions of AII and ANF-LMs were found to be identical; AI was more than AII; renin activity was detected in the pericardium. There were three molecular forms of ANF-LMs in the pericardium. Mesothelial cells were the principal endocrine-secreting cells. AII and ANF-LMs of the pericardium were significantly increased in rheumatic heart disease. There were no correlations between plasma AII, ANF, urine AII, ANF and pericardial AII, ANF (P > 0.05). The data reported showed that the pericardium may have endocrine function under normal and abnormal conditions (heart failure) of the heart, in addition to its known mechanical properties.

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