A study of glyceryl ethers--I. Content of alpha-glyceryl ethers in marine invertebrates from the Sea of Japan and tropical regions of the Pacific Ocean.

  title={A study of glyceryl ethers--I. Content of alpha-glyceryl ethers in marine invertebrates from the Sea of Japan and tropical regions of the Pacific Ocean.},
  author={S. V. Isay and Marina A. Makarchenko and Victor E. Vaskovsky},
  journal={Comparative biochemistry and physiology. B, Comparative biochemistry},
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Plasmalogens and O-alkylglycerophospholipids in aquatic animals.
  • S. Chapelle
  • Biology, Chemistry
    Comparative biochemistry and physiology. B, Comparative biochemistry
  • 1987
1-O-Alkylglycerol Ether Lipids in Two Holothurian Species: Cucumaria japonica and C. okhotensis
1-O-Alkylglycerol ether lipids were investigated in two holothurian species, Cucumaria japonica and C. okhotensis. Species specific differences in the content of 1-O-alkylglycerol ether lipids were
Profiling of bioactive lipids of the wild edible land snails of the genus Helix
Pulmonate gastropod mollusks of the genus Helix are being used by human as food more than 10,000 years and they are quite important in the diet of some European countries. Plasmalogens, glyceryl
Comparative investigation of phospholipids and fatty acids of freshwater molluscs from the Volga river basin.
17Z-Tetracosenyl 1-glycerol ether from the spongesCinachyra alloclada andUlosa ruetzleri
The 1-glycerol ether of 17Z-tetracosenol has been identified as a major constituent of the dichloromethanesoluble extracts of two marine sponges,Cinachyra alloclada andUlosa ruetzleri. Spectral
The occurrence and possible significance of diacylglyceryl ether lipids in abalone
While levels of DAGE in the abalone foot were below flameionization detection limits, glyceryl ether diols from them were detected using the more sensitive GC-MS procedure.
Lipids from the marine worm Urechis unicinctus
The high content of polyunsaturated FA and, in particular, eicosapentaenoic FA in U. unicinctus confirmed that it was valuable as not only an energy source but also a source of PL and essential FA.
Composition and the Contents of Fatty Acids of Some Organs of Gastropod Mollusk Volutopsius Castaneus
It is remarkable, that total content polyunsaturated FAs (PUFAs) during all season changed slightly.


South African fish products. Part XXIV.—The occurrence of α‐glyceryl ethers in the un‐saponifiable fractions of natural fats
It is demonstrated that α-glyceryl ethers are of wide occurrence in the unsaponifiable fractions from marine fats of many different types, and have been found less frequently, and in smaller amounts in the unconfirmed fractions of land animal and vegetable fats.
The glyceryl ethers of some shark liver oils.
The glyceryl ethers of the liver oils of Triakis scyllia, Squalus acanthias, Apristurus macrorhinchus, Centroscyllium ritteri, Centrophorus spp. and Cetorhinus maximus were separated from the
On the analysis of long-chain alkane diols and glycerol ehters in biochemical studies.
The labeled 1,3-alkane diol was identified by gas-liquid chromatography of its isopropylidene derivative and by its behavior after periodate oxidation to caution investigators in the glycerol ether field against incorrect interpretation of data obtained on the incorporation of labeled fatty acids into alkyl ether bonds of glycerlipids.
Ether-Linked Lipids in Neoplasms of Man and Animals: Methods of Measurement and the Occurrence and Nature of the Alkyl and Alk-1-Enyl Moieties
Naturally occurring glycerolipids containing ether bonds can be classified according to two structural types: alkyl (I), and aik-1-enyl (II).