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A study of empty referential pronominal subjects in old english

  title={A study of empty referential pronominal subjects in old english},
  author={Kristian A. Rusten},
Null subjects in Old English
  • G. Walkden
  • Psychology
  • Language Variation and Change
  • 2013
Abstract The possibility of referential null subjects in Old English has been the subject of conflicting assertions. Hulk and van Kemenade (1995:245) stated that “the phenomenon of referentialExpand
Null arguments in Old Norwegian : Interaction between pronouns and functional domains
  • 2016
In this paper I propose a new analysis of null arguments in Old Norwegian. I argue that the option of null realization in Old Norwegian correlates with a distinction between ɸP and DP pronouns in theExpand
Null subjects in Middle English
This article investigates the occurrence and distribution of referential null subjects in Middle English. Whereas Modern English is the textbook example of a non-null-subject language, the case hasExpand
Referential vs. non-referential null subjects in Middle Norwegian
  • Kari Kinn
  • Psychology
  • Nordic Journal of Linguistics
  • 2016
This paper investigates the relationship between referential and non-referential null subjects in Middle Norwegian. It argues that overt, non-referential subject det arose before the loss ofExpand
A quantitative study of empty referential subjects in Old English prose and poetry
This paper presents a corpus-based, quantitative investigation of the non-expression of referential pronominal subjects in a wide selection of Old English prose and poetic texts. The paperExpand
Empty Referential Subjects in Old English Prose: A Quantitative Analysis
As Present-Day English with but a few exceptions requires fully overt referential subject pronouns in finite clause structures, the occurrence of empty referential pronominal subjects at the OldExpand
Null Subjects in Old English
I review the proposal made by Sigurðsson (2011) that null arguments follow from third-factor principles, as in Chomsky 2005. A number of issues remain unclear: for instance, the kind of topic thatExpand


Argument-drop in old Icelandic
L'auteur teste l'hypothese de l'identification face aux constructions pro-drop qui existaient en vieil-Islandais et qui ont disparu au cours de l'evolution de cette langue. Cette hypothese predit queExpand
Old English Syntax
The books do not lay down rules but rather make suggestions, demonstrate the possibility of different interpretation, summarize the present state of knowledge about the phenomena discussed, and indicate possible lines of research in the future. Expand
A Study of Old English Literature
On the evolution of expletive subject pronouns in Old French
An alternative approach to OF is proposed: OF will be analysed as a non-null subject language, in which null subjects, interpreted as relics of an earlier language stage, could be realised as long as certain specific structural conditions were met. Expand
Null Subjects in Gothic
Several kinds of systematic deviations from the Greek original, including simple insertions and omissions of subject pronouns and transformations of nonfinite or impersonal Greek constructions intoExpand
Corpus-Based Language Studies: An Advanced Resource Book
This book seeks to bring readers up to date with the latest developments in corpus-based language studies, and engages with a range of approaches to the use of corpus data, which makes it different from existing books in corpus linguistics. Expand