A study of concurrent real-time garbage collectors

  title={A study of concurrent real-time garbage collectors},
  author={F. Pizlo and Erez Petrank and B. Steensgaard},
  booktitle={PLDI '08},
  • F. Pizlo, Erez Petrank, B. Steensgaard
  • Published in PLDI '08 2008
  • Computer Science
  • Concurrent garbage collection is highly attractive for real-time systems, because offloading the collection effort from the executing threads allows faster response, allowing for extremely short deadlines at the microseconds level. [...] Key Method Both collectors obtain reduced complexity over the first collector STOPLESS, but need to trade a benefit for it. We study the algorithmic strengths and weaknesses of CLOVER and CHICKEN and compare them to STOPLESS. Finally, we have implemented all three collectors on…Expand Abstract
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