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A study of Skin prick test reactivity to common aeroallergens among patients with allergic rhinitis in Salahelden Governorate

  title={A study of Skin prick test reactivity to common aeroallergens among patients with allergic rhinitis in Salahelden Governorate},
  author={Bassam Taha saleh بسام طه صالح},
  journal={Tikrit Journal of Pure Science},
Background: Allergic rhinitis is an extremely common disease worldwide. Aeroallergens are very often involved in allergic rhinitis and their prevalence pattern of sensitization vary between different countries and populations. Aim: The purpose of this study was to demonstrate the prevalence of skin reactivity to different aeroallergens in patients with allergic rhinitis in Sallahellden Governorate. Patients and Methods :A retrospective study were conducted on 62 patients with allergic rhinitis… Expand
Cigarette Smoking and Skin Prick Test in Patients With Allergic Rhinitis
The findings did not support the effect of cigarette smoking on SPT reactivity to pollen and weeds aeroallergens, however, male were significantly more sensitive than female in terms of sensitivity to some allergens. Expand
Distribution of Skin Prick Test Results in Rhinitis Allergic Patients at Dr. Hasan Sadikin General Hospital Bandung
The most aeroallergen making positive result in skin prick test is dust mite, which is an inflammation condition in nasal mucous because of type 1 hypersensitivity to pollen. Expand
A study of common aeroallergens in children with wheeze-at a tertiary care centre
  • Dr. Muddana Narasimha Rao, Dr. Mohd Kashifuddin Hasan, Dr. Mohd Safiuddin Hasan
  • Medicine
  • 2020
Assessment of the prevalence of sensitization to aeroallergens in a pediatric population with recurrent wheezing episodes using SPT found that allergy to indoor allergens was significantly higher than outdoor allergens and skin reaction was recorded for mite allergens. Expand
Distribution of atopic conditions among attendants to specialized allergy center/ Kirkuk/ Iraqi
Atopy is a syndrome characterized by genetic tendency to develop allergic diseases, such as asthma, allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis. The risk factors of atopic diseases can be placed in twoExpand
Aeroallergens, atopy and allergic rhinitis in the Middle East.
  • L. Goronfolah
  • Medicine
  • European annals of allergy and clinical immunology
  • 2016
The literature on the nature and prevalence of indoor and/or outdoor aeroallergens, atopy and symptoms of rhinitis and asthma in the Middle East region (defined here as Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq,Expand
Relationship between Total Serum IgE Level and Skin Prick Test in Patients with Symptoms of Respiratory Allergy نيب ةقلاعلا عونلل يلكلا يعانملا نيلويبولغلا ىوتسمE ىضرملا يف دلجلا زخو رابتخاو ةيسفنتلا ةيساسحلا ضارعأ نم نوناعي نيذلا Dr .
Background: skin prick test (SPT) and total serum IgE measurement are common tests used for allergy diagnosis. Objective: the current study aimed to determine the association between elevated TotalExpand


Skin prick test reactivity to common aeroallergens among allergic rhinitis patients in Iran.
The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence of positive skin test to various common aeroallergens among allergic rhinitis patients in the city of Mashhad and showed the importance of weeds, especially the Amaranthaceae and Chenopodiaceae families. Expand
Sensitization to aeroallergens among patients with allergic rhinitis in a desert environment.
Pollens of the local horticultural plants are the main sensitizing allergens among patients with allergic rhinitis in this desert environment, and the practices that "green" the desert seem to also encourage allergen sensitization. Expand
Aeroallergen sensitivity of Thai patients with allergic rhinitis.
The study shows that the house dust mite and the cockroach are important aeroallergen sensitizers among the Thai population, since more than half the patients were skin-test positive to the house Dust Mite andThe cockroach. Expand
Retrospective evaluation of epidermal skin prick tests in patients living in Aegean region.
The data indicate that allergens that may be the cause of the high prevalence of allergic diseases in Izmir are probably produced by pollens and mites. Expand
Prevalence of Aeroallergens in Childhood Asthma in Mashhad
The result confirmed that pollens are the main sensitizing aero-allergens among patients with asthma in Mashhad, and the highest positive rate belonged to weeds. Expand
The study of type 1 allergy prevalence among people of South-East of iran by skin prick test using common allergens.
The prevalence of SPT-positive to common allergens is high among Iranian patients with allergic disorders, and should be recognized in the diagnosis of allergic diseases as well as in allergen-reduction programs. Expand
[Respiratory allergy and domestic animals. Survey in a sample of the general population].
Furred pets have a deleterious influence on patients with asthma or rhinitis, especially in the atopic subgroup, and pet avoidance is an important factor in the management of these diseases. Expand
[Hypersensitivity to weed pollen allergens in the region of Bygdoszcz].
Case records of 8576 patients suffering from hypersensitivity symptoms within upper airways, who were treated at the Otolaryngological Section of the Allergological Outpatient Department of MedicalExpand
Epidemiology of seasonal and perennial rhinitis: clinical presentation and medical history.
Seasonal and perennial rhinitis differ in their atopic state, clinical presentation, and medical history, and the extent to which these differences are genetically or environmentally determined requires further investigation. Expand
Ethnicity and skin test reactivity to aeroallergens among asthmatic children in Connecticut.
It is suggested that Puerto Rican ethnicity is associated with an increased risk of sensitization to indoor and outdoor allergens among children with asthma, and that allergy skin testing should be performed more often as part of the management of asthma in African-American children and in Puerto Rican children in the United States. Expand