A study of MOAO behind GLAO for EAGLE

  title={A study of MOAO behind GLAO for EAGLE},
  author={A. G. Basden and Nazim Ali Bharmal and T. Butterley and Nigel A. Dipper and Tim J. Morris and Richard M. Myers and Andrew Paul Reeves},
  booktitle={Other Conferences},
An MOAO corrected multi-IFU instrument, such as the EAGLE instrument proposed for the E-ELT has a deformable mirror correcting each IFU sub-field. Additionally, EAGLE will also use the E-ELT deformable M4 mirror to apply a global (closed-loop) MOAO correction. Here, we investigate the impact on MOAO performance if a global GLAO correction is applied across the whole field, rather than the optimised global MOAO correction (which may or may not be identical). The differences in M4 correction… CONTINUE READING