A study of Anatomical and Morphological variations of the Thyroid gland


It is not uncommon to encounter variations in the Thyroid gland during surgeries. Complete detailed anatomical variations in arterial and venous supply including the presence of ectopic glands is useful for diagnosis and prognosis of patients involved with thyroid disorders. With these facts we tried to evaluate the Anatomical and Morphological variations of the thyroid gland. The study was conducted int Department of Radiology, Prathima Institute of Medical sciences Nagunur, Karimnagar. The patients were examined with ultrasound machine and linear probe 7.5 MHz and Convex probe 3.0 MHz frequency. The details of the thyroid gland including the neck vessels and other adjoining structures were studied and any abnormality was recorded. A total of 143 patients were selected as per inclusion and exclusion criteria out of which 80 were females and 63 were males. Normal thyroid structures were found in 103 (72.1%) and Thyroid gland accessory tissue (pyramidal lobe) was found in 31 (21.68%) of patients. Thyroid gland with ectopic thyroid tissue (lingual Thyroid) was found in 3 (2.1%) of patients and Patient thyroglossal duct cyst was found in 4 (2.7%). The sub lingual thyroid and Absence of thyroid or Hemegenesis of thyroid lobe was found in 1 patient each (0.7%). Thyroid gland variations are common presentation in clinical practice due to deviations in the embryological developmental processes. Most of the variations of the thyroid gland can be very well studied by the Ultrasonography. Such studies must be done by anatomists, clinicians and Radiologists in order to treat patients involved in thyroid gland and related disorders. Surgeons attempting thyroidectomy need to have a thorough knowledge of embryology, surgical anatomy and variations of the thyroid gland in order to prevent inadvertent surgical complications.

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