A study of τ-meson decay

  title={A study of $\tau$-meson decay},
  author={E. Fabri},
  journal={Il Nuovo Cimento (1943-1954)},
  • E. Fabri
  • Published 1954
  • Physics
  • Il Nuovo Cimento (1943-1954)
SummaryThe distribution of the π-mesons in the decay of the τ-meson is studied, and approximate expressions for the matrix elements are found. Thus one can justifyDalitz’ results, in which the relativistic corrections are also introduced. The comparison with experiment is done taking into account the charges of the π-mesons; the experimental data, however, are still too poor to give any information about parity and spin of the τ-meson.RiassuntoSi studia la distribuzione dei mesoni π nel… Expand
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