A structural design for a pan-European early warning system for critical infrastructures

  title={A structural design for a pan-European early warning system for critical infrastructures},
  author={Helmut Kaufmann and Reinhard Hutter and Florian Skopik and Matti Mantere},
  journal={e \& i Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik},
The protection of critical infrastructures increasingly demands solutions across interdependent infrastructures all over Europe supporting incident detection and management. This necessitates cooperation of privately owned infrastructure operators and public bodies between sectors and across borders. The ECOSSIAN project, funded by the EU under the 7th framework program for research and development, develops a prototype of such a holistic system based on use cases from the sectors energy… 

A Collaborative Analysis System for Cross-organization Cyber Incident Handling

The proposed approach, named CAESAIR (Collaborative Analysis Engine for Situational Awareness and Incident Response), aims at supporting SOC operators in collecting significant security-relevant data from various sources, investigating on reported incidents, correlating them and providing a possible interpretation of the security issues affecting concerned organizations.

An Operator-Driven Approach for Modeling Interdependencies in Critical Infrastructures Based on Critical Services and Sectors

A System Dynamics (SD) interdependency model based on critical services that different operators must provide to guarantee the correct functioning of a CI is presented and how it can be used to gain situational awareness in the context of European CIs is demonstrated.

Dynamic Interdependency Models for Cybersecurity of Critical Infrastructures

A block building modeling approach based on System Dynamics (SD) is proposed to improve the understanding of dynamics of disruptive events in interdependent CI systems and demonstrates how the dynamic interdependency models can be used to support strategic cybersecurity decisions within organizations.

A Conceptual Nationwide Cyber Situational Awareness Framework for Critical Infrastructures

This position paper presents a conceptual framework for a nationwide system that monitors the national critical infrastructures and provides cyber situational awareness knowledge to organizational and national level decision makers.

A Blueprint for a Pan-European Cyber Incident Analysis System

A collaborative approach to cyber incident information analysis for gaining situational awareness in a European control system security network is introduced.

Characterising Disruptive Events to Model Cascade Failures in Critical Infrastructures

A system dynamics modelling approach is adopted for simulation and analysis of disruption scenarios of interdependent critical infrastructures and seeks to characterize CI distruptions according to relevant aspects of risk assessment and response coordination as well as enviornmental, human, economic and other impact factors.

Developing Novel Solutions to Realise the EE-ISAC

EE-ISAC—Practical Cybersecurity Solution for the Energy Sector

This paper analyses EE-ISAC’s approach based on the conceptual applicability framework developed during the research, to improve the applicability and usefulness of this platform for energy sector participants and to identify areas that require further development.



CIMS: A Framework for Infrastructure Interdependency Modeling and Analysis

A modeling and simulation framework called CIMScopy is described and the work that is being conducted at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) to model and simulate infrastructure interdependencies and the complex behaviors that can result.

Collaboration between Competing Mobile Network Operators to Improve CIIP

The contributions of this paper are technical solutions for collaboration between competing MNOs, which prevent loss of reputation and thus improve the acceptance to share information.

Distributed Network and System Monitoring for Securing Cyber-Physical Infrastructure

CYBEX: the cybersecurity information exchange framework (x.1500)

A specification overview, use cases, and the current status of CYBEX is provided, which describes how cybersecurity information is exchanged between cybersecurity entities on a global scale and how the exchange is assured.

ENISA: cybersecurity cooperation: defending the digital frontline

  • 2013