A structural biologist's view of the oestrogen receptor.

  title={A structural biologist's view of the oestrogen receptor.},
  author={Ashley C W Pike and Andrzej M Brzozowski and Roderick E. Hubbard},
  journal={The Journal of steroid biochemistry and molecular biology},
  volume={74 5},
Here we review the results that have emerged from our structural studies on the oestrogen receptor ligand-binding domain (ER-LBD). The effects of agonists and antagonists on the structure of ERalpha- and ERbeta-LBDs are examined. In addition, the findings from structural studies of ER-LBD in complex with peptide fragments corresponding to the NR-box II and III modules of the p160 coactivator TIF2 are discussed in the context of the assembly of ER:coactivator complexes. Together these studies… CONTINUE READING