A strangled wife

  title={A strangled wife},
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Mechanical disruption of carotid plaque can lead to occlusion of the central retinal artery, which may portend a dismal visual prognosis.

Carotid artery dissection.

The pathological anatomy of carotid artery dissections is reviewed, as well as possible underlying causes, clinical features, diagnostic tools, differential diagnosis, treatment options, and outcome data.

Endovascular management of extracranial carotid artery dissection achieved using stent angioplasty.

In select cases of carotid dissection associated with critical hemodynamic insufficiency or thromboembolic events that occur despite medical therapy, endovascular stent placement appears to be a safe and effective method of restoring vessel lumen integrity, with good clinical outcome.

Fatal and non-fatal bilateral delayed carotid artery dissection after manual strangulation.

“I Didn't Know I Could Turn Colors”: Health Problems and Health Care Experiences of Women Strangled by an Intimate Partner

Focus groups and interviews were conducted as part of a practice–research engagement with a domestic violence shelter to increase the relatively little that is known about strangulation survivors.

Walking and talking victims of strangulation. Is there a new epidemic? A commentary.

Women's responses to screening for domestic violence in a health-care setting.

Women in Queensland found screening for domestic violence acceptable and, where health providers are suitably educated, it should be included when taking a routine health history.

Women ’ s responses to screening for domestic violence in a health-care setting

The effect of domestic violence on women’s health is receiving increased attention from local and international policy makers and from the health-care community and is partly due to an increased awareness of the prevalence of abuse.



Internal carotid artery dissection: an update

Stroke patterns of internal carotid artery dissection in 40 patients.

The findings suggest that most infarcts occurring in carotid artery dissection (CAD) are probably embolic rather than hemodynamic in origin, and anticoagulation seems a logical treatment at the early stage of CAD.

The Battering Syndrome: Prevalence and Clinical Characteristics of Domestic Violence in Primary Care Internal Medicine Practices

The prevalence of domestic violence among female patients presenting to four community-based, primary care, adult medicine practices that serve patients of diverse socioeconomic background was determined and demographic and clinical differences between currently abused patients and patients not currently being abused were identified.

Characteristics of participants in domestic violence : Assessment at the scene of domestic assault.

Most victims of domestic violence who had called the police rarely used medical or mental health facilities for problems related to family violence despite frequent assaults, and victims and assailants were willing to discuss their histories of family violence and undergo assessments at the scenes of police calls.