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A stranger in the dunes? Rescue excavation of a Viking Age burial at Cnoc nan Gall, Colonsay

  title={A stranger in the dunes? Rescue excavation of a Viking Age burial at Cnoc nan Gall, Colonsay},
  author={Alastair Becket and Colleen E. Batey and Paul R. Duffy and Jennifer Miller},
The rescue excavation of a Viking Age burial from an eroding sand dune at Cnoc nan Gall, near Machrins on the island of Colonsay, has provided further insights into a cemetery that has long been known to exist in this area. The burial comprised a middle-aged male with associated grave goods, including a Hiberno-Norse copper alloy ringed pin, and an Anglo-Saxon type strap-end, and also included small areas of organic preservation including cloth and botanical evidence. The artefacts and… 
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excavations at Machrins, Colonsay

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