A statistical framework for picture reconstruction using 2D AR models

  title={A statistical framework for picture reconstruction using 2D AR models},
  author={Anil C. Kokaram},
  journal={Image Vision Comput.},
Thispaperpresentsa framework for “F illing In” missinggaps in images and particularly patcheswith texture. The algorithm can also be usedas a fallback modein treatingmissingdata for videosequencereconstruction.Theunderlyingideais to construct a parametricmodelof thep.d.f. of thetexture to bere-synthesised andthendraw samplesfromthat p.d.f. to createtheresultingreconstruction.A Bayesianapproach is usedto repose2D AutoregressiveModelsasgenerativemodelsfor texture (usingtheGibbs sampler… CONTINUE READING
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