A statistical analysis of seeds and other high-contrast exoplanet surveys: Massive planets or low-mass brown dwarfs?

  title={A statistical analysis of seeds and other high-contrast exoplanet surveys: Massive planets or low-mass brown dwarfs?},
  author={T. Brandt and M. Mcelwain and E. Turner and K. Mede and D. Spiegel and M. Kuzuhara and J. Schlieder and J. Wisniewski and L. Abe and B. Biller and W. Brandner and J. Carson and T. Currie and S. Egner and M. Feldt and T. Golota and M. Goto and C. Grady and O. Guyon and J. Hashimoto and Y. Hayano and M. Hayashi and S. Hayashi and T. Henning and K. Hodapp and S. Inutsuka and M. Ishii and M. Iye and M. Janson and R. Kandori and G. Knapp and T. Kudo and N. Kusakabe and J. Kwon and T. Matsuo and S. Miyama and J. Morino and A. Moro-martin and T. Nishimura and T. Pyo and E. Serabyn and H. Suto and R. Suzuki and M. Takami and N. Takato and H. Terada and C. Thalmann and D. Tomono and M. Watanabe and T. Yamada and H. Takami and T. Usuda and M. Tamura},
  journal={The Astrophysical Journal},
  • T. Brandt, M. Mcelwain, +50 authors M. Tamura
  • Published 2014
  • Physics
  • The Astrophysical Journal
  • We conduct a statistical analysis of a combined sample of direct imaging data, totalling nearly 250 stars. The stars cover a wide range of ages and spectral types, and include five detections (κ And b, two ∼60 M {sub J} brown dwarf companions in the Pleiades, PZ Tel B, and CD–35 2722B). For some analyses we add a currently unpublished set of SEEDS observations, including the detections GJ 504b and GJ 758B. We conduct a uniform, Bayesian analysis of all stellar ages using both membership in a… CONTINUE READING
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