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A state space for 3D Euclidean Yang-Mills theories

  title={A state space for 3D Euclidean Yang-Mills theories},
  author={Sky Cao and Sourav Chatterjee},
It is believed that Euclidean Yang-Mills theories behave like the massless Gaussian free field (GFF) at short distances. This makes it impossible to define the main observables for these theories, the Wilson loop observables, in dimensions greater than two, because line integrals of the GFF do not exist in such dimensions. Taking forward a proposal of Charalambous and Gross, this article shows that it is possible to define Euclidean Yang-Mills theories on the 3D unit torus as"random… 
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Stochastic quantisation of Yang-Mills
We review two works [CCHS20, CCHS22] which study the stochastic quantisation equations of Yang–Mills on two and three dimensional Euclidean space with finite volume. The main result of these works is