A standard protocol for describing individual-based and agent-based models

  title={A standard protocol for describing individual-based and agent-based models},
  author={Volker Grimma and Uta Bergerb and Finn Bastiansena and Sigrunn Eliassenc and Vincent Ginotd and Jarl Giskec and John Goss-Custarde and Tamara Grandf and Simone K. Heinzc and Geir Huseg and Andreas Hutha and Jane U. Jepsena and Christian J\orgensenc and Wolf M. Mooijh and Birgit M{\"u}llera and Cyril Pioub and Steven F. Railsback and Andrew M. Robbinsk and Martha M. Robbinsk and Eva Rossmanith and Nadja R{\"u}gera and Espen Strandc and Sami Souissim and Richard A. Stillmane and Rune Vab\og and Ute Vissera and Donald L. DeAngelisn},
  • Volker Grimma, Uta Bergerb, +24 authors Donald L. DeAngelisn
  • Published 2006
Simulation models that describe autonomous individual organisms (individual based models, IBM) or agents (agent-based models, ABM) have become a widely used tool, not only in ecology, but also in many other disciplines dealing with complex systems made up of autonomous entities. However, there is no standard protocol for describing such simulation models, which can make them difficult to understand and to duplicate. This paper presents a proposed standard protocol, ODD, for describing IBMs and… CONTINUE READING
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