A standard format for Les Houches Event Files

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CompHEP 4.5 Status Report

We present a new version of the CompHEP program package, version 4.5. We describe new options and techniques implemented in the version: interfaces to ROOT and HERWIG, parallel calculations,

ProMC: Input-output data format for HEP applications using varint encoding

Data Bookkeeping Service 3 – Providing event metadata in CMS

The Data Bookkeeping Service 3 provides a catalog of event metadata for Monte Carlo and recorded data of the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, Geneva.

A standard convention for particle-level Monte Carlo event-variation weights

A well-defined, extensible community standard for the naming, ordering, and interpretation of weight streams that will serve as the basis for semantically correct parsing and combination of such variations in both theoretical and experimental studies are proposed.

A Workflow Management System to Facilitate Reproducibility of Scientific Computing Applications

In PRUNE, every task to be executed is wrapped in a functional interface and coupled with a strictly defined environment, and a growing but immutable tree of derived data is created, facilitating sharing and modification between collaborating researchers, along with efficient management of limited storage space.

A development environment for visual physics analysis

The Visual Physics Analysis (VISPA) project integrates different aspects of physics analyses into a graphical development environment. It addresses the typical development cycle of (re-)designing,

SModelS v1.0: a short user guide

This document provides a quick user guide for installing and running SModelS v1.0.

Particle event generator: a simple-in-use system PEGASUS version 1.0

pegasus is a parton-level Monte-Carlo event generator designed to calculate cross sections for a wide range of hard QCD processes at high energy pp and $$p\bar{p}$$ p p ¯ collisions, which