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A sparse population of young stars in Cepheus

  title={A sparse population of young stars in Cepheus},
  author={A. Klutsch and David Montes and Patrick Guillout and A. Frasca and F. X. Pineau and Nicol'as F. Del Grosso and Ettore Marilli and J. L'opez-Santiago},
  journal={arXiv: Solar and Stellar Astrophysics},
Once mixed in the ambient galactic plane stellar population, young stars are virtually indiscernible because neither their global photometric properties nor the presence of nearby gas can help to disentangle them from older ones. Nevertheless, the study of the RasTyc sample revealed 4 lithium-rich field stars displaying the same space motion, which are located within a few degrees from each other on the celestial sphere near the Cepheus-Cassiopeia complex and at a similar distance from the Sun… Expand

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