A solution for transmitting and displaying UHD 3D raw videos using lossless compression

  title={A solution for transmitting and displaying UHD 3D raw videos using lossless compression},
  author={Ruan Delgado Gomes and Yuri Gonzaga Gonçalves da Costa and Lucenildo Lins Aquino J{\'u}nior and Manoel Gomes da Silva Neto and Alexandre Duarte and Guido Lemos de Souza Filho},
This paper describes a software-based approach for transmitting, and displaying ultra high definition (UHD) videos (ex: 4K) in raw format (2D or 3D).The viability of using lossless compression algorithms for transmission, and exhibition of UHD raw videos was investigated. This approach allows the transmission of raw videos for supporting the development of distributed edition tools for UHD videos, and high quality visualization using a lower bandwidth. We conducted performance studies of eight… 

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FCT grants SFRH/BPD/63495/2009; SFRH/BPD/47928/2008, by the UT Austin | Portugal FCT grant SFRH/BD/47840/2008; FCT project PEst-OE/EEI/UI0752/2011.
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