A solar mean field dynamo benchmark

  title={A solar mean field dynamo benchmark},
  author={Laur{\`e}ne Jouve and A. S. Brun and Rainer Arlt and Axel Brandenburg and Mausumi Dikpati and Alfio Bonanno and Petri J. K{\"a}pyl{\"a} and David Moss and Matthias Rempel and Paul Gilman and Maarit J. Korpi and Alexander G. Kosovichev},
Context. The solar magnetic activity and cycle are linked to an internal dynamo. Numerical simulations are an efficient and accurate tool to investigate such intricate dynamical processes. Aims. We present the results of an international numerical benchmark study based on two-dimensional axisymmetric mean field solar dynamo models in spherical geometry. The… CONTINUE READING