A software tool for research in linguistics and lexicography: Application to Somali

  title={A software tool for research in linguistics and lexicography: Application to Somali},
  author={Jacqueline Lecarme and Carole Maury},
  journal={Computers and translation},
General-purpose database management systems, whose structure is built in, are not an appropriate solution to situations where problems of translation or areas of research cannot be bounded in advance, for example, when lexicography and linguistic research are closely related. Consequently, an original system has been developed, and is being applied to linguistic and lexicographical data on the Somali language. 
Automatic Transliteration of Proper Names from Somali to English
This paper studies an automatic transliteration from Somali to English; which is an under-studied problem and proposes an alignment method that maps the Somali characters when there is no direct matching character to get accurate transliterations in English.


Computers and the old spanish dictionary
This chapter discusses the Old Spanish Dictionary, a vast citational lexicon illustrating Old Spanish word usage through selected representative citations of medieval Spanish vocabulary in all its forms and functions as attested to in some 250 chosen manuscripts and incunabula produced between the years 900 and 1500.
Principles of Database Systems
A large part is a description of relations, their algebra and calculus, and the query languages that have been designed using these concepts. There are explanations of how the theory can be used to
Computer-assisted compilation of a Nahuatl dictionary
An Analytical Dictonary of Nahuatl is compiled at the Linguistics Research Center of the University of Texas, which is the best documented of all indigenous American languages.
Procedures and progress on the dictionary of the old Spanish language
The Dictionary of the Old Spanish Language (DOSL) Project was conceived in 1972 and was generously funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Graduate School of the University, both of which have continued to support the project.
Pascal User Manual and Report
This manual is directed to those who have previously acquired some programming skill and is based on The Programming Language Pascal (Revised Report)--the basic definition of Pascal and concise reference manual for the experienced Pascal programmer.
Somali-English Dictionary