A software environment for parallel computer vision


A software environment tailored to computer vision and image processing (CVIP) that focuses on how information about the CVIP problem domain can make the high-performance algorithms and the sophisticated algorithm techniques being designed by algorithm experts more readily available to CVIP researchers is presented. The environment consists of three principle components: DISC, Cloner, and Graph Matcher. DISC (dynamic intelligent scheduling and control) supports experimentation at the CVIP task level by creating a dynamic schedule from a user's specification of the algorithms that constitute a complex task. Cloner is aimed at the algorithm development process and is an interactive system that helps a user design new parallel algorithms by building on and modifying existing library algorithms. Graph Matcher performs the critical step of mapping new algorithms onto the target parallel architecture. Initial implementations of DISC and Graph Matcher have been completed, and work on Cloner is in progress.<<ETX>>

DOI: 10.1109/2.121478

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