A software-based sensor for combined sewer overflows.

  title={A software-based sensor for combined sewer overflows.},
  author={G{\"u}nther Leonhardt and Stefan Fach and Carolina Engelhard and Heiko Kinzel and Wolfgang Rauch},
  journal={Water science and technology : a journal of the International Association on Water Pollution Research},
  volume={66 7},
A new methodology for online estimation of excess flow from combined sewer overflow (CSO) structures based on simulation models is presented. If sufficient flow and water level data from the sewer system is available, no rainfall data are needed to run the model. An inverse rainfall-runoff model was developed to simulate net rainfall based on flow and water level data. Excess flow at all CSO structures in a catchment can then be simulated with a rainfall-runoff model. The method is applied to a… CONTINUE READING