A sociocultural examination of body image among Black women.

  title={A sociocultural examination of body image among Black women.},
  author={Laurel B. Watson and Jioni A. Lewis and Anahvia Taiyib Moody},
  journal={Body image},

Black Beauty: Womanist Consciousness as a Protective Factor in Black Women’s Body Image Satisfaction

Black American women are exposed to mainstream beauty standards, which may have implications for body image satisfaction. Given that beauty standards are often based on idealized depictions of White

My Body, My Culture: Understanding Body Image Concerns Among West African Immigrant Women.

Few studies have focused on the impact of body image disturbance on mental health among African immigrant women, particularly as it pertains to female genital mutilation/cutting (FGM/C). This study

Beyond Objectification: Understanding the Correlates and Consequences of Sexualization for Black and White Adolescent Girls.

As expected, body surveillance and enjoyment of sexualization were associated with various forms of diminished well-being and race moderated two of these links, with Black girls who reported higher levels of body surveillance also reportingHigher levels of depression and hostility compared with their White peers.

The Perfect Storm: A Developmental–Sociocultural Framework for the Role of Social Media in Adolescent Girls’ Body Image Concerns and Mental Health

In this theoretical review paper, we provide a developmental–sociocultural framework for the role of social media (SM) in adolescent girls’ body image concerns, and in turn, depressive symptoms and

Testing a Moderated Mediation Model of Objectification Theory among Black Women in the United States: The Role of Protective Factors

Recent studies find that Black women experience rates of eating pathology and body dissatisfaction comparable to those of White women. Abundant research suggests that objectification theory could

#ModernBaartmans: Black Women’s Reimagining of Saartjie Baartman

The purpose of this study is to understand Black women’s recollection and representation of Saartjie Baartman in comparison to their own body image, while also aligning their interpretation of

Feminism and marginalized black women in the Hood Feminism novel by Mikki Kendall

The purposes of this study are to find out gender inequality and racism cases experienced by the author in Hood Feminism novel. There are some cases related to gender inequality, such as, patriarchal



Black Women's Body Image: An Analysis of Culture-Specific Influences

A review of the literature on racial differences in body image in Black and White women indicates body image dissatisfaction is more common in White females than Black females. However, Black women

The Politics of Protection: Body Image, Social Pressures, and the Misrepresentation of Young Black Women

As part of a larger multi-method study, 15 Black women college students participated in focus group discussions on the body. Contrary to popular theories that propose that Black women are protected

Are black-white differences in females' body dissatisfaction decreasing? A meta-analytic review.

The authors examined temporal trends in Black-White differences and also examined whether these differences generalize across various age groups and measures, finding more favorable body image evaluations among Black than White females.

Ethnic Identity and Body Image Among Black and White College Females

Results suggest that identification with an ethnic group may not shield women from being dissatisfied with their bodies and colleges and universities should be aware that many women could experience body dissatisfaction and develop diverse programs that target women from different ethnic groups.

Racial Identity and Body Image Among Black Female College Students Attending Predominately White Colleges

This study examined attitudes about body image and racial identity among Black women at a predominately White college in the United States. We conducted in-depth qualitative interviews with 34 women


An emerging body of research comparing body image disturbance and eating problems among African American and white women suggests that there are major ethnic differences in these areas. African

Controlling Images: How Awareness of Group Stereotypes Affects Black Women’s Well-Being

This paper investigated the mental and physical health consequences of Black women’s awareness that others hold these stereotypes and tested whether this association was moderated by the centrality of racial identity, which revealed a negative association between metastereotype awareness and self-care.

Teaching and Learning Color Consciousness in Black Families: Exploring Family Processes and Women’s Experiences With Colorism

Family is regarded as a powerful force in the lives of Black Americans. Often-times, families function as an agent of socialization that counters racism. At the same time, however, Black families can

Objectification Theory: Toward Understanding Women's Lived Experiences and Mental Health Risks

This article offers objectification theory as a framework for understanding the experiential consequences of being female in a culture that sexually objectifies the female body. Objectification

The Stigma of Obesity in Women: The Difference is Black and White

This study examined whether there is subcultural variation in the stigma of obesity. Black and White women rated photographs of thin, average, and large Black and White women on a number of