A social ecology

  title={A social ecology},
  author={John Clark},
  journal={Capitalism Nature Socialism},
  • John Clark
  • Published 2 April 1988
  • Sociology
  • Capitalism Nature Socialism
Sustainability appraisal has been defined as an integrated assessment of the environmental , social and economic effects of proposed actions at all levels of decision-making
Sustainable development is a commonly quoted goal for decision making and supports a large number of other discourses. Sustainability appraisal has a stated goal of supporting decision making for
Ecosocial Philosophy of Education: Ecologizing the Opinionated Self
While human beings generally act prosocially towards one another — contra a Hobbesian “war of all against all” — this basic social courtesy tends not to be extended to our relations with the
Promise of a green economic recovery post-Covid: trojan horse or turning point?
Social media summary A green economic recovery from Covid-19 cannot be built in the image of a pre-Covid era. Green growth must be abandoned.
A Post-Liberal Green Republican Democracy for the Anthropocene
  • A. Fremaux
  • Political Science
    After the Anthropocene
  • 2019
In the context of a carbon-constrained and climate change world, green republicans aim to provide a high level of human flourishing with concomitant low energy and resource use. Contrary to liberal
Anarchist heterotopias : post-1968 libertarian communities in Britain and Italy
This thesis explores libertarian and anarchist communities – such as social centres, squats, and communes – in the UK and Italy since 1968. It shows how they relate and contribute to wider Left and
Geopolitics: Putting geopolitics in its place in cultural political economy
This comment explores the relation between geoeconomics and geopolitics from a critical realist, strategic-relational, and cultural political economy perspective. We disambiguate the ‘geo-’ family of
Post)Humanist Tangles in Social Ecology and New Materialism
This chapter argues that entanglements lie at the core of two prominent schools of ecological thought: social ecology and new materialism. While social ecology, spearheaded by Murray Bookchin,
Materialist Dialectics and Biophysical Worlds
Abstract Despite many applied examples, few have attempted to develop a materialist dialectics in the biophysical sciences. Insights from recent Marxist and anarchist work indicate that it is


Grundrisse : foundations of the critique of political economy (rough draft)
Written during the winter of 1857-8, the "Grundrisse" was considered by Marx to be the first scientific elaboration of communist theory. A collection of seven notebooks on capital and money, it both
Fields, Factories, and Workshops
Prince Peter Kropotkin (1842-1921) was the most outstanding anarchist thinker of his time. His writings, which combine revolutionary fervor with intellectual rigor, were influential far beyond the