A small, distant war? Historiographical reflections on the Malayan Emergency

  title={A small, distant war? Historiographical reflections on the Malayan Emergency},
  author={Bernard Z. Keo},
  journal={History Compass},
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Race, Space, and the Malayan Emergency: Expelling Malay Muslim Communism and Reconstituting Malaya's Racial State, 1945–1954
ABSTRACT This article analyses the physical and discursive displacement of Malay Muslim advocates of a cosmopolitan and multiracial form of Malayan citizenship from the arena of “legitimate” national
A narrative of suffering and soil: Swedish migration and settler colonialism in northeast Argentina
This article examines the narrated memory of a Swedish settler colony in northeast Argentina. Recently, scholarly attention has turned to how migrants of the nineteenth and early twentieth centurie...


Managing Counterinsurgency: Lessons from Malaya
Without a reasonably efficient government machine, no programmes or projects, in the context of counterinsurgency, will produce the desired results. --Sir Robert Thompson, Defeating Communist
Lessons from the British : Counterinsurgency Strategies Applied in Malaya , Kenya and Cyprus by MAJ
the major challenge facing militaries in the 21st century will not arise from large scale wars of the World War ii variety, but from small-scale, low intensity insurgencies. and if the historical
Gene Z. Hanrahan: Elusive Historian of the Malayan Emergency
Abstract:In 1954, Gene Z. Hanrahan published a book containing translations of some of the Malayan Communist Party's most important documents, many of which were unavailable to scholars at the time.
"Iron Claws on Malaya": The Historiography of the Malayan Emergency
This article addresses the historiography of the Malayan Emergency (1948–60). It does so by challenging two archetypal works on the conflict: those of Anthony Short and Richard Stubbs. These argue
The Saga of the “Squatter” in Malaya:
A Preliminary Survey of the Causes, Characteristics and Consequences of the Resettlement of Rural Dwellers during the Emergency between 1948 and 1960.
‘Transmogrifying’ Malaya: the impact of Sir Gerald Templer (1952–54)
This article rebuts recent attempts to diminish Sir Gerald Templer's role in the Malayan Emergency. It contends that the revisionists overlook the decisive psychological impact of Templer's Malayan
The repatriation of the Chinese as a counter-insurgency policy during the Malayan Emergency
  • Low Choo Chin
  • Political Science
    Journal of Southeast Asian Studies
  • 2014
During the Malayan Emergency, British High Commissioner Henry Gurney pushed the policy of repatriating to China thousands of ‘alien’ Chinese detainees suspected of supporting the Malayan Communist