A small, distant war? Historiographical reflections on the Malayan Emergency

  title={A small, distant war? Historiographical reflections on the Malayan Emergency},
  author={Bernard Z. Keo},
  journal={History Compass},


‘Devils that suck the blood of the Malayan People’: The Case for Post-Revisionist Analysis of Counter-insurgency Violence
This article addresses the ‘revisionist’ case that post-war Western counter-insurgency deployed widespread, exemplary violence in order to discipline and intimidate populations. It does this by usingExpand
Gene Z. Hanrahan: Elusive Historian of the Malayan Emergency
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Cold War scripts
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Detention, Deportation and Resettlement: British Counterinsurgency and Malaya's Rural Chinese, 1948–60
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“At That Time We Were Intimidated on All Sides”: Residues of the Malayan Emergency as a Conjunctural Episode of Dispossession
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The repatriation of the Chinese as a counter-insurgency policy during the Malayan Emergency
During the Malayan Emergency, British High Commissioner Henry Gurney pushed the policy of repatriating to China thousands of ‘alien’ Chinese detainees suspected of supporting the Malayan CommunistExpand
Everyone lived in fear: Malaya and the British way of counter-insurgency
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Oral History and People's Memory of the Malayan Emergency (1948-60): The Case of Pulai
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Southeast Asia: Strong-state Democratization in Malaysia and Singapore
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