A sketch of the linguistic situation in Israel today

  title={A sketch of the linguistic situation in Israel today},
  author={David L. Gold},
  journal={Language in Society},
  pages={361 - 388}
  • D. L. Gold
  • Published 1 September 1989
  • Linguistics, Sociology
  • Language in Society
ABSTRACT The results of the reintroduction and renativization of Hebrew are highlighted, and some commonly made assumptions about Hebrew and its place in Israeli life examined. The main topics are (a) the debatable equation of an ideal nation-state with a single and exclusive language, (b) the long history of Hebrew as a component of Jewish multilingualism, (c) the Hebraist movement, (d) the extent of its success and its advantages and disadvantages, (e) linguistic rights in Israel. (Language… 

The Languages of the Jews: A Sociolinguistic History

Glossary 1. Is Hebrew an endangered language? 2. The emergence of Hebrew 3. Hebrew-Aramaic bilingualism and competition 4. Three languages in Hellenistic and Roman Palestine 5. From statehood to

The Status of Arabic in Israel: Refiections on the Power of Law to Produce Social Change

Abstract The status of Arabic in Israel gives rise to question. Israel is a rare case of an ethnic nation-state that grants the language of minority group with a legal status which is prima facie one

Hebrew learning ideologies and the reconceptualization of American Judaism: Language debates in American Jewish schooling in the early 20th century

Abstract This article examines the ways in which Hebrew education was construed in the United States by tracing the Hebrew ideology debate of the early and mid-1900s, when dramatic changes were made

Inside the language planner's head: Tactical responses to a mass immigration

Abstract To add a sudden 10% to its population in the form of 0.5 million Soviet migrants, professionalised and wedded to Russian culture, would test any monolingual society. Faced with this,

A parameterized view of the concept of ‘correctness’

The present paper, using data from a variety of languages, presents a descriptive framework for the categorization of languages according to a number of different parameters of ‘correctness’; within this framework, languages such as English represent only one manner in which the parameters of 'correctness' may be aligned.

Toward an understanding of Hebrew language education: ideologies, emotions, and identity

Abstract This paper focuses on the practices of teaching and learning the Hebrew language at a non-Orthodox Jewish day school, showing the ways that Hebrew language ideologies intersect with

Heritage language maintenance and management across three generations: the case of Spanish-speakers in Israel

ABSTRACT Spanish in Israel has been the heritage language (HL) of some 130,000 Spanish speakers. The uniqueness of this immigrant community lays in the evolution, existence and maintenance of Spanish



Recent studies in Jewish languages (Review Article)

William Labov once remarked that he has long resisted the term sociolinguistics because no valid linguistic investigation can fail to be sociolinguistic, hence the word can be dropped as superfluous.

Ethnic Identification in a Complex Civilization: Who Are the Lue?

T HE initial stimulus for this paper' was provided by my inability to give a simple answer to the simple question: "Whom did you study in the field?" The reasons for this inability concern the ways


In the spirit of scientific empiricism, the Mundaneum Institute in The Hague is preparing an International Encyclopedia of Unified Science destined to serve as a complement to existing encyclopedias.

An Introduction to English in Israel.

Enkonduko al la angla en IsraeloLa jena artikolo pririgardas la leĝan statuton de la angla en Israelo antaǔ kaj ĝis la sendependiĝo de la lando; sintenojn al la lingvo; ĝian uzon en la lernejoj, la

Linguistic Aspects of Science

JU j] R part of his method, utters certain very peculiar speech-forms. The linguist naturally divides scientific activity into two phases: the scientist performs "handling" actions (observation,

The standard language problem: Concepts and methods

  • Anthropological
  • 1959

Review of M

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Geshikhte Fun Der Yidisher Shprakh

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