A six-year analysis of sex traffickers of minors: exploring characteristics and sex trafficking patterns

  title={A six-year analysis of sex traffickers of minors: exploring characteristics and sex trafficking patterns},
  author={Dominique Eve Roe-Sepowitz},
  journal={Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment},
  pages={608 - 629}
  • D. Roe-Sepowitz
  • Published 4 April 2019
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment
ABSTRACT Few studies have explored the characteristics and arrest patterns of sex traffickers, particularly sex traffickers of persons under the age of 18 (minors) in the U.S. The purpose of this study is to understand the behavior and characteristics of a national cross sectional sample of sex traffickers of minors during a six-year period. This study explored cases involving the arrest of sex traffickers of minors or persons under the age of 18 in the United States from 2010 to 2015. Sex… 
Vulnerabilities Relevant for Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children/Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: A Systematic Review of Risk Factors
Relevant risk factors and vulnerabilities found in this review include child abuse and maltreatment, caregiver strain, running away or being thrown away, substance use, peer influence, witnessing family violence or criminality, poverty or material need, difficulty in school, conflict with parents, poor mental health or view of self, involvement in juvenile detention or delinquency, early substance use and prior rape or adolescent sexual victimization.
Victim or Prostitute? The Classification of Commercial Sex Events Involving Minors in the National Incident-Based Reporting System
Comparisons between cases are discussed to illuminate how state law enforcement officials legally classify these events involving adolescents (i.e., as victims or prostitutes) and the policy implications of the findings are considered.
Adolescent Experiences of Violence Victimizations Among Minors Who Exchange Sex/Experience Minor Sex Trafficking.
Prevention and intervention efforts targeting youth at high risk for or survivors of domestic minor sex trafficking should consider how community violence victimizations impact these adolescent populations, and programming/messaging should be adjusted to account for these additionalviolence victimizations.
The Sexual Grooming Model of Child Sex Trafficking
ABSTRACT There has yet to be universally-accepted model of child sex trafficking recruitment tactics. Research suggests that child sex traffickers may use strategies to recruit and retain minors that
Exploring Sexual Grooming in Female Perpetrated Child Sexual Abuse.
What is known about female sexual offending is explored, integrating it with the research on sexual grooming to provide a framework for understanding female sexual grooming behaviors and implications for prevention, policy, and practice are examined.
Human Trafficking in the Foster Care System
In this case, we meet Maya, an adolescent girl in foster care who is trafficked for sex. We follow her medical visits for contraceptive care and sexually transmitted infection screening over
Generating Synthetic but Realistic Human Trafficking Networks for Modeling Disruptions through Transdisciplinary and Community-Based Action Research
A network generator for domestic sex trafficking networks is proposed by integrating OR concepts and qualitative research, and a novel conceptualization of flow as the ability of a trafficker to control their victims is proposed.
A Relational-Cultural Theory Approach to Work with Survivors of Sex Trafficking
ABSTRACT Human sex trafficking has gained greater awareness in recent decades. The literature surrounding sex trafficking has largely applied a model of supply and demand or model of sexual


Domestic Minor Sex Trafficking: A Network of Underground Players in the Midwest
Trafficking of domestically born children in the United States into the sex trade has been recognized by the U.S. government under the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2005. The Midwest has been
Rapid Assessment Exploring Impediments to Successful Prosecutions of Sex Traffickers of U.S. Minors
Critical psychological, systemic, and legislative barriers to the successful prosecution of child sex traffickers who exploit U.S. citizens were uncovered during a rapid assessment conducted in a
Pimps Down: A Prosecutorial Perspective on Domestic Sex Trafficking
The article focuses on the accusation of domestic sex trafficking in the U.S. It evaluates methods implemented by sex traffickers to enslave victims and the U.S. Victims of Trafficking and Violence
The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000
This chapter sets the stage for a genealogy of anti-trafficking politics in the United States. From 1998 to 2000, members of Congress, senior officials in the Clinton administration, and a wide range
Entrapment and Enmeshment Schemes Used by Sex Traffickers
  • Joan A Reid
  • Psychology
    Sexual abuse : a journal of research and treatment
  • 2016
Emerging research suggests that sex traffickers/pimps control the majority of trafficked girls in the United States. The youthfulness of these victims and their lack of psychosocial maturity severely
Pimp Control and Violence: Domestic Sex Trafficking of Chicago Women and Girls
The present study examines the violence and change in violence experienced by domestically sex trafficked women from their pimps since their recruitment. A total of 100 women who currently had a pimp
Routes of Recruitment
ABSTRACT Much of the research on prostitution to date has focused on the risks of working on the streets. However, no research has described the recruitment process for street prostitution. This
This paper examines how language assists in the construction of fictive kinship networks amongst Southwestern U.S. street-level sex workers, thereby establishing affective ties and obligations as
Pimp-Controlled Prostitution
This work reports on a qualitative study designed to understand pimp-related violence to women involved in pimping, which contributes to the understanding of the relationships between pimps and pros titutes, the roles that each play, and the social rules of the business.