A single band notched CPW antenna design


A single band notched Coplanar Waveguide Antenna using complementary split ring resonators is proposed and investigated which is working on WLAN and C-Band applications. The proposed antenna can reject single frequency band by etching Circular Split Ring Resonators (CSRRs) on the radiating patch. The single stop band of the proposed CPW antenna are 4.6GHz-5.3GHz with a reference level of Sn = -10 dB. The center frequency of the first notched band is 5.0GHz at which the wireless WLAN (Upper WiFi) service is assigned. The proposed antenna operates from 2482 MHz to 2984 MHz for voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) less than 2, except one frequency notched band of 4.6GHz-5.3GHz.

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