A simple model potential for hollow nanospheres

  title={A simple model potential for hollow nanospheres},
  author={K. Koksal and M. Oncan and Bulent Gonul and Besire Gonul},
Nanostructures have received great interest nowadays because of their importance in solid state technology and for medical purposes [1–5]. Specifically, quantum dots have been studied to strongly confine and control the electrons in a few nanometers of the volume [6, 7]. Nevertheless, semiconductor quantum dots can be produced using high technological growth devices while the production of metallic quantum dots or clusters also requires advanced technology [8]. However, molecular nanospheres… 
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Простий модельний потенцiал для порожнистих наносфер К. Кьоксал 1 , М. Йонджан 1,2 , Б. Гьон'юл 2

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