A simple method to identify sleep apnea using Holter recordings.

  title={A simple method to identify sleep apnea using Holter recordings.},
  author={Phyllis K. Stein and Stephen P. Duntley and Peter P. Domitrovich and Pallavi Nishith and Robert M. Carney},
  journal={Journal of cardiovascular electrophysiology},
  volume={14 5},
INTRODUCTION Despite its severe cardiovascular and other consequences, sleep apnea syndrome frequently is undiagnosed. Because apneas result in repeated autonomic arousals associated with cyclic variations in heart rate (CVHR), we hypothesized that sleep apnea syndrome could be identified from simple HR tachograms (graphs of HR vs time) derived from ECG monitoring. METHODS AND RESULTS HR tachograms were generated from 57 digitized ECGs (46 clinical patients undergoing diagnostic studies and… CONTINUE READING
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