A simple method of boxing rubber base impressions.


The advantages of boxing an impression are better adaptation of stone around dowel pins, control over the level of the second pour of stone, and minimal cast trimming. This article describes a simplified boxing technique that offers the following additional advantages: Parts of the impression that are inadequate in length can be extended to ensure a die of adequate length (Fig. 6). Boxmat adheres to the rubber base and facilitates application. Contouring the palatal or lingual part of the impression is greatly simplified and provides access for sawing out dies. The material is reusable.

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@article{Troendle1983ASM, title={A simple method of boxing rubber base impressions.}, author={Kevin Troendle and Eloy Cavazos and G R Troendle}, journal={The Journal of prosthetic dentistry}, year={1983}, volume={50 5}, pages={735-7} }