A simple method for the isolation and purification of total lipides from animal tissues.

  title={A simple method for the isolation and purification of total lipides from animal tissues.},
  author={J. Folch and M. Lees and G. H. SLOANE STANLEY},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={226 1},
Work from this laboratory resulted in the development of a method for the preparation and purification of brain lipides (1) which involved two successive operations. [...] Key Method A chloroformmethanol extract of the tissue, prepared as described in the original version of the method, is mixed with 0.2 its volume of water to which, for certain purposes, different mineral salts may be added. A biphasic system without any interfacial fluff is obtained (2). The upper phase contains all of the non-lipide…Expand
A simplified procedure for the quantitative extraction of lipids from brain tissue
The method, which was demonstrated with pig brain, gave a complete extraction of the lipid, including gangliosides, free of nonlipid substances. Expand
A comparison of extraction methods for the isolation of phospholipids from biological sources.
The suitability of the present method for studies involving phospholipid synthesis was confirmed by monitoring the elimination of water-soluble compounds from the single-phase extracts using a classical phosphorus precursor, 2-[3H]glycerol-3-phosphate. Expand
New extraction method for nematode lipids.
  • P. C. Allen
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Analytical biochemistry
  • 1972
This method achieves a very thorough extraction of polar and nonpolar lipids and is especially useful for the extraction of tissue homogenates and is suggested that this method may be applied to lipid extraction of a variety of biological preparations. Expand
Extraction of sterols from tissues
The ideal method to utilize for the extraction of lipid from a tissue should be one which will remove all the required lipophilic compounds efficiently without losses or artefact formation due toExpand
Removal of water-soluble contaminants from lipid extracts of heart
A study of lipids of beef and hunmn hearts disclosed the presence of an unusually large amount of nonlipid contaminants in chloroform-methanol extracts. These contaminants made direct separation ofExpand
  • M. Gaitonde
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of neurochemistry
  • 1961
It has been shown that the proteins extracted from the TCA precipitate differ in amino acid composition from the proteolipids prepared by the method of FOLCH and LEES. Expand
Extraction of lipids from mammalian liver using nontoxic solvents.
  • M. Shoukry
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of biochemical and biophysical methods
  • 1980
The solvent system used has the advantage of being less toxic than the widely used chloroform/methanol system, which makes it safer for prolonged use, and the method is simple, efficient and reproducible. Expand
Isolation and characterization of glycosphingolipid from animal cells and their membranes.
The method of extraction of glyeolipids from subcellular membrane fractions may not be different from the procedure for whole cells and/or tissues, however, the membrane fractions contain sucrose, EDTA, heavy metals, mercaptoethanol, etc., that were added for the purpose of disruption of cells and subsequent fractionation. Expand
Preparation of lipid-free tissue extracts for chromatographic determination of thyroid hormones and metabolites.
A new method of preparing tissues for analysis of thyroid hormones and metabolites which eliminates troublesome lipids and proteins is developed, and the first reported separation of 125 I-labeled tissue iodothyronine metabolites by HPLC is achieved. Expand
Extraction of tissue lipids with a solvent of low toxicity.
  • N. Radin
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Methods in enzymology
  • 1981
This chapter discusses the extraction of tissue lipids with a solvent of low toxicity, and a convenient way to reduce the volume of the lipid extract, a factor to consider in working on a large scale. Expand


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