A simple method for one-loop renormalization in curved space-time

  title={A simple method for one-loop renormalization in curved space-time},
  author={Tommi Markkanen and Anders Tranberg},
  journal={Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics},
We present a simple method for deriving the renormalization counterterms from the components of the energy-momentum tensor in curved space-time. This method allows control over the finite parts of the counterterms and provides explicit expressions for each term separately. As an example, the method is used for the self-interacting scalar field in a Friedmann-Robertson-Walker metric in the adiabatic approximation, where we calculate the renormalized equation of motion for the field and the… Expand
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Renormalized evolution equations for the back-reaction problem with a self-interacting scalar field.
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The renormalized equations which rule the evolution of the mean value of the field and the metric of the spacetime for the lambdaphi/sup 4/ theory and its relevance in the study of phase transitions in the early Universe are presented. Expand
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