A simple isotropic phantom for diffusional kurtosis imaging.

  title={A simple isotropic phantom for diffusional kurtosis imaging.},
  author={Els Fieremans and Ant{\'o}nio Pires and Jens H. Jensen},
  journal={Magnetic resonance in medicine},
  volume={68 2},
Dairy cream is shown to be a simple, inexpensive, isotropic phantom useful for testing diffusional kurtosis imaging data acquisition and postprocessing. The MR-visible protons of cream exhibit slow and fast diffusion components, attributed to the fat and water protons, respectively, which give rise to a diffusion coefficient of 1.1 μm(2)/ms and a diffusional kurtosis of 1.2. These parameter values are similar to those observed in vivo for human brain. Heating the cream is found to increase the… CONTINUE READING