A short history of neurosciences in Austria

  title={A short history of neurosciences in Austria},
  author={Kurt A. Jellinger},
  journal={Journal of Neural Transmission},
  • K. Jellinger
  • Published 1 March 2006
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Journal of Neural Transmission
Summary.Based on internal medicine and psychiatry and in close connection with pathology, the neurosciences in Austria began to develop in the 18th century, e.g. with the description of inflammation of the central nervous system by J. P. Franck (1745–1823) and the “phrenology” by F. J. Gall (1745–1823). Under the influence of the great pathologist C. Rokitansky (1804–1878), the tripode of the Vienna neurology – L. Türck (1810–1868), as initiator, Th. v. Meynert (1833–1892) the activator, and H… 
Kurze Geschichte der Neurowissenschaften in Österreich
A Short Outline of the History of Neurosciences in Austria. Under the influence of pathologist C. Rokitansky the tripode founders of neurosciences in Austria were L. Turck as initiator, Th. v.
Ernst Sträussler (1872-959)
JO N 2 68 1 Sirs: One of the most outstanding neuropathologists and forensic psychiatrists of his time, Ernst Sträussler was born on 17 June 1872 in the city of Uherské Hradiště near the Morava river
Heinrich Obersteiner (1847–1921) was amongst the most influential neuro-scientists in the 19th century. Born into a family of physicians, he gained earlyexposure to medicine, and as a medical student,
Heinrich Obersteiner and his contributions
A review of his life will help to better understand the legacy Heinrich Obersteiner left in the field of neurology.
Commentary on "The Significance of the Granular Layer of the Cerebellum: a Communication by Heinrich Obersteiner (1847-1922) Before the 81st Meeting of the Society of German Natural Scientists and Physicians in Salzburg, September 1909".
This commentary highlights a "cerebellar classic" by Heinrich Obersteiner, the founder of Vienna's Neurological Institute, which covered most of the fundamental elements of the cerebellar circuitry, on the basis of Ramón y Cajal's neuronism.
‘Does Broca’s area exist?’ Christofredo Jakob’s 1906 response to Pierre Marie’s holistic stance
An English translation of Jakob's 1906 paper and a discussion of JakOB's ideas on the localizationist-holistic approach regarding the role of Broca's area are discussed.
Constantin von Economo´s 90th death anniversary.
Constantin von Economo's genius extended into other nonmedical fields such as aeronautics, and he had renowned artistic skills.
From Eugenic Euthanasia to Habilitation of ``Disabled'' Children: Andreas Rett's Contribution
This study demonstrates the remarkable changes that can be achieved single-handedly by a vocal and energetic physician and presents a compelling object lesson for neurologists and others involved in the care of the disabled.
Neuropathology Training Worldwide—Evolution and Comparisons
This overview compiles and summarizes the history of regulated training systems, the status of neuropathology within various countries' medical systems and the manner in which neuropathologists are trained.
A review of Heinrich Obersteiners 1888 textbook on the central nervous system by the neurologist
In seiner fruhen Karriere als Neuroanatom erstellte Sigmund Freud eine literarische Anzeige uber das Obersteiner’sche Lehrbuch, die in der Wiener Medizinischen Wochenschrift erschien.


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