A short γ-ray burst apparently associated with an elliptical galaxy at redshift z = 0.225

  title={A short γ-ray burst apparently associated with an elliptical galaxy at redshift z = 0.225},
  author={N. Gehrels and C. Sarazin and P. O'Brien and B. Zhang and L. Barbier and S. Barthelmy and A. Blustin and D. Burrows and J. Cannizzo and J. Cummings and M. Goad and S. Holland and C. Hurkett and J. A. Kennea and A. Levan and C. Markwardt and K. Mason and P. M{\'e}sz{\'a}ros and M. Page and D. Palmer and E. Rol and T. Sakamoto and R. Willingale and L. Angelini and A. Beardmore and P. Boyd and A. Breeveld and S. Campana and M. Chester and G. Chincarini and L. R. Cominsky and G. Cusumano and M. D. Pasquale and E. Fenimore and P. Giommi and C. Gronwall and D. Grupe and J. Hill and D. Hinshaw and J. Hjorth and D. Hullinger and K. Hurley and S. Klose and S. Kobayashi and C. Kouveliotou and H. Krimm and V. Mangano and F. Marshall and K. McGowan and A. Moretti and R. F. Mushotzky and K. Nakazawa and J. Norris and J. Nousek and J. Osborne and K. Page and A. Parsons and S. Patel and M. Perri and T. Poole and P. Romano and P. Roming and S. Rosen and G. Sato and P. Schady and A. Smale and J. Sollerman and R. Starling and M. Still and M. Suzuki and G. Tagliaferri and T. Takahashi and M. Tashiro and J. Tueller and A. Wells and N. White and R. Wijers},
  • N. Gehrels, C. Sarazin, +74 authors R. Wijers
  • Published 2005
  • Physics
  • Nature
  • Gamma-ray bursts (GRBs) come in two classes: long (> 2 s), soft-spectrum bursts and short, hard events. Most progress has been made on understanding the long GRBs, which are typically observed at high redshift (z ≈ 1) and found in subluminous star-forming host galaxies. They are likely to be produced in core-collapse explosions of massive stars. In contrast, no short GRB had been accurately (< 10″) and rapidly (minutes) located. Here we report the detection of the X-ray afterglow from—and the… CONTINUE READING
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