A sheep in wolf's clothing? The problematic representation of women and the female body in 1980s sword and sorcery cinema

  title={A sheep in wolf's clothing? The problematic representation of women and the female body in 1980s sword and sorcery cinema},
  author={Andrea Wright},
  journal={Journal of Gender Studies},
  pages={401 - 411}
  • A. Wright
  • Published 26 October 2012
  • Art
  • Journal of Gender Studies
The muscled, independent woman found in action-orientated cinema is a problematic figure that confronts customary perceptions of masculine and feminine representation and gender roles. The regularly applied active/passive dichotomy is challenged by the agency and skill of these women, but, simultaneously, their position is undermined by an emphasis on the body, relationships with male characters, and the demands of patriarchy. Indeed, Jeffrey A. Brown (1996) argues that a female in an action… 


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