A shallow embedding of Z in HOL


A simple ‘shallow’ semantic embedding of the Z notation into the higher order logic, as supported by the HOL theorem proving system, is presented. Z is is typically used for human-readable formal specification whereas HOL is used for machine-checked verification. The paper is intended to show how a tool such as HOL can be used to provide mechanical support for Z, including mechanization of proofs. No specialized knowledge of Z or HOL is assumed. An explanation of shallow and deep embedding as well as a survey of other related research are also included.

DOI: 10.1016/0950-5849(95)99362-Q

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@article{Bowen1995ASE, title={A shallow embedding of Z in HOL}, author={Jonathan P. Bowen and Michael J. C. Gordon}, journal={Information & Software Technology}, year={1995}, volume={37}, pages={269-276} }