A series of unfortunate events? Morbidity and mortality in a Borsetshire village

  title={A series of unfortunate events? Morbidity and mortality in a Borsetshire village},
  author={R. Stepney},
  journal={BMJ : British Medical Journal},
  • R. Stepney
  • Published 15 December 2011
  • Economics
  • BMJ : British Medical Journal
Rob Stepney ponders Ambridge’s vital statistics 
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A Divided Village: A Narrative Study Using a Theoretical Lens of Speculative Ontology
Ambridge has a population of around 700. Of these around 60 have voices heard by around 5 million people per week, a few are named but have no direct voice, and the rest are anonymous and unvoiced.
The Ambridge Paradox: Cake Consumption and Metabolic Health in a Defined Rural Population
The chapter concludes that the dietary and lifestyle habits of the Ambridge cohort show promise as a model for improving the metabolic health of wider populations and suggests that cake consumption may be a promising therapeutic supplement to prevent and even treat metabolic disorders.


Death rates of characters in soap operas on British television: is a government health warning required?
This is the first quantitative estimate of the size of the pinch of salt which should be taken when watching soap operas, and it was found that a character in EastEnders was twice as likely as a similar character in Coronation Street to die during an episode.
Cutting prescribing costs: learning from Birmingham in 1913.
The public's reactions Our national game is not cricket, it is writing letters to The Archers. My favourite came from the senior common room of a Cambridge college, inquiring whether Kenton and Shula
Born premature at 30 weeks; conception followed surgery for tubal obstruction Hayley and Roy Tucker Abbie Tucker 2008 Born at 30 weeks by caesarean section after pre-eclampsia
    Table 3| Morbidity in The Archers
    • 1992
    Onset followed suicide of partner, Greg Turner; led to psychiatric admission
      Put on waiting list, she did not have surgery until nine months later, and then with help from a charity
        Despite recovery, his return to residential care is in doubt Stroke Jack Woolley
        • 2011
        Diagnosed at age 4, preceded by pain in infancy; treatment included intravenous steroids and physiotherapy
        • 1998
        Following death of son in tractor accident; treated with drugs; Pat also went on retreat Depression and panic attacks Pat Archer
        • 1999
        Memory problems first noticed in 2003; attended memory clinic two years later; drug treatment followed
        • 2009