A serendipitous survey of prediction algorithms for amyloidogenicity.

  title={A serendipitous survey of prediction algorithms for amyloidogenicity.},
  author={Bartholomew P Roland and Ravindra B Kodali and Rakesh Kumar Mishra and Ronald Wetzel},
  volume={100 6},
The 17- amino acid N-terminal segment of the Huntingtin protein, htt(NT), grows into stable α-helix rich oligomeric aggregates when incubated under physiological conditions. We examined 15 scrambled sequence versions of an htt(NT) peptide for their stabilities against aggregation in aqueous solution at low micromolar concentration and physiological conditions. Surprisingly, given their derivation from a sequence that readily assembles into highly stable α-helical aggregates that fail to convert… CONTINUE READING
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Cold Spring Harbor Protocols 2010, DOI 10.1101/pdb.top79

  • R. J. Simpson
  • 2010

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