A sensorimotor approach for self-learning of hand-eye coordination

  title={A sensorimotor approach for self-learning of hand-eye coordination},
  author={Ali Ghadirzadeh and Atsuto Maki and M{\aa}rten Bj{\"o}rkman},
  journal={2015 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)},
This paper presents a sensorimotor contingencies (SMC) based method to fully autonomously learn to perform hand-eye coordination. We divide the task into two visuomotor subtasks, visual fixation and reaching, and implement these on a PR2 robot assuming no prior information on its kinematic model. Our contributions are three-fold: i) grounding a robot in the environment by exploiting SMCs in the action planning system, which eliminates the need for prior knowledge of the kinematic or dynamic… CONTINUE READING


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