A sensor configuration for a 304 SQUID vector magnetometer.

  title={A sensor configuration for a 304 SQUID vector magnetometer.},
  author={A.. Schnabel and Martin Burghoff and Stefan Hartwig and F. Petsche and Uwe Steinhoff and D. Drung and Hans Reinhard Koch},
  journal={Neurology & clinical neurophysiology : NCN},
A novel SQUID vector magnetometer system is introduced which has been specially designed for the use inside the strongly magnetically shielded room BMSR-2 of PTB. The system is housed in a dewar with a flat bottom and an inner diameter of Ø 250 mm. The SQUIDs are arranged so that in addition to the usually measured Z-component of the field the horizontal magnetic fields are measured too. A total of 304 DC-SQUID magnetometers are divided up into 19 identical modules. The 16 low-Tc SQUIDs of each… CONTINUE READING